5 Best Coffee Shops in D.C. Near 14th Street

Lively, bustling, energetic—all words that describe the neighborhood surrounding 14th Street. It’s home to some of the best luxury apartments, bars, and coffee shops in D.C.

For a lot of us, there’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to get the day going. It’s always worth a quick stop on the way to work. If you’re in this neighborhood, you’re only a few minutes’ walk from coffee satisfaction and the best coffee shops in DC.

Here’s a List of the Best Coffee Shops On or Near 14th Street:

The Wydown Coffee Bar, 1924 14th St NW

This well-known coffee near Dupont Circle, DC, serves a great selection of coffees and espressos as well as tasty pastries like the PB&J muffin, cookie dough pie, and blackberry lavender scone, along with cocktails and teas. The Wydown has a glowing 4.8/5 star rating on its Facebook page. They regularly host events like latte pour competitions and coffee tastings.

The Wydown Coffee Bar is less than a minute’s walk from The Harper.

Colada Shop, 1405 T St NW

For the best Cuban coffee in Downtown DC, you can’t go wrong with Colada Shop. Their motto is “Come curious, leave Cuban!” The Cuban influence is evident in the flavors as well as the colorful décor inside the shops. Feel free to order a tostada and a slice of tres leches with your Café Cubano.

Colada Shop is a short 1-minute walk from The Harper.

Swing’s Coffee, 640 14th St NW

Right by the White House, Swing’s Coffee, DC is located in a scenic part of the city with walking trails all around it. Their historic bean bar has been famous for a century in the city, and that’s just part of its rich history. It’s open between Monday and Friday and is a favorite of commuters and workers on their break.

From The Harper, it’s just under a 30-minute walk, but well worth it and a very scenic route.

Slipstream DC, 1333 14th St NW

Slipstream in Logan Circle isn’t your average coffee joint. Not only do they sell a variety of coffee to suit everyone, but they have coffee cocktails available all day and both breakfast and lunch food on offer. They offer unique tasting experiences for the coffee enthusiast, so feel free to book a spot and be opened up to brand new flavors.

From The Harper, Slipstream coffee in DC is a 12-minute walk.

Blank Street Coffee, 1807 14th St NW

Some of the best coffee in DC can be found at Blank Street Coffee. Their cold brew is so good that they’ve extended beyond DC and even the U.S., with locations as far away as London. They source fresh food locally and are committed to ensuring their employees are paid a good wage, with ethics based on a small footprint and setting up a great coffee ritual for customers.

From The Harper, it’s a quick 2-minute walk.

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