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Making Your Apartment Comfortable

How to Make Your Apartment Comfortable for Visiting Friends & Family

The holiday season has arrived. It being that time of year again, you’re likely to host visiting friends and family. A priority is to make them feel welcome after their travels. There are many things in apartments D.C. college graduates, young professionals, and singles can do to make spaces inviting and accommodating.   A Welcoming Atmosphere When it comes to apartment rental, D.C. has some of the best, most convenient locations. Guests want to feel relaxed and welcome when they enter your home from the busy streets. Some ways to boost the ambiance include: Mood lighting: Adjustable lighting enables you ...
Hosting a Memorable Holiday Dinner

Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Memorable Holiday Dinner

Planning a flawless holiday dinner takes a touch of know-how, a pinch of savoir-faire, and a dollop of courage. Want to make this year’s gathering worth remembering? Don’t wait until crunch time arrives and the stress bubbles over. Start planning now. At Keener Management, we want all the residents who call our Washington, D.C. luxury apartments home to have a joyous, fun-filled holiday season. That’s why we’ve collected these expert tips for holiday party success.   The Big Picture What kind of event do you have in mind? Do you want your guests to whip out their evening dresses and ...
Luxury apartments in Washington

6 Reasons D.C. Residents Should Be Thankful This Holiday Season

People from all over the world gather in Washington D.C. to launch their careers, enjoy a vibrant social life, and take part in the aura of power that surrounds the nation’s capital. Millennials, in particular, have flocked to rent apartments in DC so they can enjoy all the city has to offer. No matter where they come from or how long they’ve been here, D.C. residents have plenty of reasons to give thanks this holiday season. Here are the top six. Your Apartment Rental in DC The D.C. lifestyle wouldn’t be the D.C. lifestyle without a charming apartment to call ...
Your Winter Home

D.C. Winter Checklist: Are You Prepared for Winter?

Nights are colder and longer now. While we’re still in the season of pumpkins, Halloween and Thanksgiving, it’s best to start preparing for cold weather, snow and Christmas trees… It’s time to get ready for winter! Are you truly ready for winter? If you can’t check off the list below, you’ll need to get various things squared away for your home, wardrobe and social life to take on the winter months ahead. Your Winter Home Do you have enough household essentials? It’s time to take inventory, buy and replace and stockpile. An adequate amount of household essentials will ensure you ...
luxury apartments in D.C.

Q&A: What’s it like to live in The Harper? Hear from a resident!

You’ll find The Harper on bustling 14th Street where your favorite bars and restaurants are just steps away. It has modernly designed studio, junior one-bedroom and one-bedroom luxury apartments in D.C. Trader Joe’s across the street and the 14th & U Farmers Market is around the corner from The Harper. Its location, design and amenities, along with Keener Management, make tenants enjoy their time living in The Harper. But why not hear from an actual resident? The Harper is the second Keener Management property freelance writer and editor Kate Potterfield has lived in, but she’s leaving soon and sad to ...
Fall party apartment

How to Host a Great Fall Party in Your Apartment

Along with excitement, fall brings a chill in the air that makes us stay in more, but that doesn’t have to be at the expense of fun. Fall is a great time to host a get together like a Halloween costume party, Friendsgiving, and more. But where do you start? Keep reading for tips on how to host a great fall party. Explore These Fall Party Theme Ideas Your theme is the springboard for all party decisions, and luckily, there’s plenty of fall themes to choose from. Are you hosting your own Oktoberfest, a potluck with fall dishes, or celebrating ...
Washington DC White House

How to Get Around Washington, D.C.

Getting around Washington, D.C. is not so much a matter of how but which. D.C. has several great transportation options, but what’s considered best will vary. You’ll choose your mode of transport on any given day depending on the time of the day, your desired location, and the type of event—i.e., yes to taking the Metro to a festival on the National Mall, but no to taking the Metro to a concert on U St at 8 PM when it’s 7:45. (You’ll soon understand why.) As you grow accustomed to getting around D.C., you’ll get better at gauging which mode ...
Fall apartment decor

Fall Decor Ideas for Your Apartment

It’s time to get in the mood for fall and what better way than to redecorate your apartment rental in D.C.? That means faux pumpkins, autumn leaves, and maybe even a few Halloween decorations should find a way into your home this season. If you need some inspiration, look no further! Keep these autumn decorating ideas in mind when bringing new pieces into your apartment. Before You Enter Don’t forget that your front door can set the mood for fall. You can add a bright fall wreath full of red, orange and yellow leaves, autumnal berries, branches, pinecones, and acorns. ...
Hot Fall Fashion Trends

Ready Your Wardrobe with These Hot Fall Fashion Trends

Who doesn’t love fall fashion? While New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 gave us trendy looks full of glitterati boots, quilt-like clothing, colorful fur and deconstructed pieces, there were also a number of wearable trends that’ll be easy to recreate in your fall wardrobe. Ready to make sure you’re one of the best dressed the moment you step out of your D.C. apartment? Keep reading for a list of fall fashion must-haves. Be bold: Wear red. It’s time to pop! Red is all the rage, so stand out and rock this dramatic, bold color. Don’t shy away from its darker ...
Moving to Washington DC

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving to D.C.

Do shows like Scandal and House of Cards have you itching to see what D.C.’s all about? Maybe it’s a prospective job offer or the thrill of being so close to political intrigue that has you eyeing the Nation’s Capital. At any rate, you’ve come to right the place. Before taking such a big step, you need to ask yourself several questions to figure out if D.C.’s right for you. It more than likely is, but it doesn’t hurt to be certain. The District is charming and lively, but these questions can definitely help cement your decision.   Here are ...

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