How to Keep Any Bathroom Organized

We talked about the advantages of having a small kitchen to help you stay organized and reduce clutter, but what about your bathroom? Bathrooms tend to be one of the most cluttered spaces in the home, with messy counters, overcrowded and disorganized cabinets and even soaps, shampoos and loofahs hanging around the bathtub. But, even if you have a small bathroom, you can still stay organized and reduce clutter.

No more having your blowdryer tossed around or those big box of Q-tips taking up space in your cabinet. By creating or buying shelves, small organizing drawers and containers, you can keep your essentials neat and your bathroom organized.

Here are a few hacks to organize your bathroom and get rid of that junky, cluttered look:

1)  Vertical Shelf: A vertical shelf is the perfect bigger-space solution for keeping towels, toiletries and cosmetics tidy. Whether it is over the toilet or you just hanged them on your wall on your own, a closed cabinet or an open shelf, any type of vertical shelf will make a great designated space for anyone with a lack of storage space.

2)  Mason Jars: Mason jars aren’t only good for sweet summer lemonades and fruit-infused water. Store your Q-tips, cotton balls, toothbrushes and toothpaste or any other tiny essentials in mason jars to get rid of that messy under-the-sink cabinet look. Utilize different sizes depending on the type and amount of items you are trying to store. Remember to place them somewhere you can see and access easily such as your sink, a shelf, or in a cabinet.

3)  Drawer Storage: College students living in dorms are well aware of these tiny, yet nifty plastic drawers that can fit right under your sink. They are the perfect tool to store makeup, nail polish, tweezers, floss, razors or even a small flat iron or electric clippers and keep everything organized. Just look at the size of your sink’s cabinet and make sure it will fit, or if your sink doesn’t have a cabinet, place it right underneath or in a corner that is not already crowded.

4)  Woven Baskets: Woven baskets are the perfect place to store shampoos, conditioners, bath soaps and oils, and towels. Hang them on your wall or place them on the floor! It doesn’t matter because either way it will increase floor space. Get smaller baskets to place under your sink to store bigger items such as cleaning products, mouth wash or makeup bags. If you can, stack them to increase floor space.

5)  Wired Racks: Need a place to store cleaning products, soaps, loofahs or even a place to hang your towels? Use wired shower caddies to place in your sink cabinet or place a wire around your sink and hang them to store bathroom cleaning products, soaps, toothpaste and toothbrushes, or even to hang a towel on the rack alone. These racks help to reduce clutter in cabinets and to have a convenient place for hand or bath towels.

For more bathroom storage hacks, check out DIY tips on Pinterest for organizing your bathroom or check out the DIY Network.

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