The Small Kitchen Advantage

You’re looking for a new apartment, only a few things are likely on your mind: location, price and amenities. One such apartment feature to consider is kitchen size.

All of the questions begin to roll through your mind as you look around the kitchen in your potentially new apartment: Do you really need that much space? How much counter space is too much? In answering these questions, you will begin to realize that you might be okay with a smaller kitchen.

No one likes an overcrowded kitchen, and that’s what happens when you want to fill the space of a huge kitchen. Big kitchens are overrated. Epicurious even wrote an article about how small appliances and kitchens will help you to keep a less cluttered and tidier space. Downsizing will allow you to save money and find cooking much easier, even with limited counter space.

Limited counter space doesn’t mean the end for good home cooking, but rather a tidier area with less mess and clutter. Get rid of those bulky food processors and blenders and trade them for smaller ones. You may have the storage space for the bigger appliances, but there’s no need to fill up every bit of space. Use that room to store a small set of dishes, non-refrigerated food and ingredients, and spices for your kitchen, instead of hoarding unnecessary items. Use one small cutting board to create more counter space for preparing your meals and reduce clean up. Don’t fight with the space you have, but rather use it to its advantage.

As Epicurious stated, one good frying pan is all you really need to cook everything from bacon and eggs to having sautéed asparagus with your meal. The reason why people buy so many pots and pans, is so they can cook multiple things at a time, but washing all of those dishes after can be frustrating. Instead, one good frying pan and two different-sized pots to reduce clutter and dishwashing is all you need.

Big kitchens have the ability to force you to think you need to fill all of the space around you, but you don’t. Chances are, you don’t need much space. Just think about all the advantages of having a small kitchen and opt for less clutter and a tidier space.

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