Meet Rasika’s Newest Sibling: Bindaas

If you enjoyed the Penn Quarter Indian restaurant with modern cuisine, Rasika, you’ll love its new sibling!

Rasika is known as a restaurant with a white-table cloth setting and putting a twist on centuries-old traditional dishes and creating innovative interpretations for Washingtonians who love to take their taste buds across the world. While the owner and chef will remain the same, Bindaas is entirely different.

Rasika’s newest sibling opened last Wednesday in Cleveland Park (not far from the Woodley Park neighborhood), offering Indian street-eats. Ashok Bajaj, the owner of Rasika and the newest restaurant, Bindaas, stated that it is the kind of place to go “when you’re not in the mood to eat curry,” which is completely absent from the menu, according to the Washington Post.

Bindaas fully occupies the space that was formerly occupied by Ardeo + Bardeo, a modern American cuisine restaurant which also serves wine. According to the chef of Rasika and Rasika West End as well as the current head chef of Bindaas, Vikram Sunderham, the idea of these restaurants has always been to focus on the different regions of India and to project them onto the menus. Bindaas will hold true to that idea by serving street dishes broken into sections of chaat (savory snacks), kathi rolls and pao (wraps and buns), shashlik (kabobs), naan (bread) and uttapam (rice pancakes). Some of their dishes are Goan pork sausage and pao or even for an American twist, a bacon chili naan.

Just think “street” when you think of eating at Bindaas. Even the space was designed to give the appearance of a grungy city street or alleyway, but a lot more clean and interesting! There is bright orange seating, jars of spices, murals of the restaurant name, mismatched tables, a blue Vespa and graffiti art. Bindaas has the perfect atmosphere to go for a casual outing with friends or a date with your significant other, especially if they love experiencing international food. They also serve a variety of Indian beers, Amrut whiskey and other American seasonal cocktails.

Bindaas is the perfect new addition to DC’s many exquisite international restaurants. Make a trip to Bindaas, which is just a short walk from The Delano, one of our properties located in one of the finest neighborhoods in D.C.

Image Source: R. Lopez via DC Eater

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