Top 10 Michelin Star Restaurants in Washington DC You Should Try Today

June 17, 2021 /
Michelin Star Restaurants in DC

One of Washington DC’s highlights is its delectable food scene. Every corner of DC features restaurants that are bound to satisfy. Check out our list of top ten DC Michelin Star Restaurants for meals that consistently deliver. Jônt Check out DC’s Jônt to experience an immersive meal that’s filled with surprises. Grand wooden doors greet…

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Gardens That Are Open in Washington DC in 2021

April 21, 2021 /
Washington DC Gardens

Spring has arrived in Washington, DC and, with the city now in phase two of recovery, some of  the most beautiful gardens in the nation are open to visitors once more. We’ve gathered four destinations that are not to be missed, no matter the season. The National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden At just over…

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Cooped Up Indoors? Exercises That You Can Do at Your Apartment

March 23, 2020 /
Woman Doing Crunches in Her Apartment

Spending time in your Washington DC luxury apartments can be relaxing and comforting, but when you’re cooped up for a long time, it’s easy to start to go a little stir-crazy! There are pros and cons to being at home more, but let’s face it—your apartment’s DC space likely doesn’t compare to the space you…

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FotoWeekDC 2016

November 2, 2016 /
Butterfly On A Flower

  The nation’s capital has always been a melting pot of culture and arts. With so many museums and art galleries, art and cultural festivals, as well as the several diverse surrounding neighborhoods in every inch of the D.C.-area, it is impossible to avoid indulging in what this city has to offer.   On Nov.…

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Madewell Coming to The Harper in 2017

October 26, 2016 /
The Harper Building Entrance

The Harper, located in the center of the lively 14th Street neighborhood, is the perfect residence for Washingtonians with its surrounding restaurants, nightclubs, bars and galleries. Not only is it a building placed in a uniquely vibrant area, but it is also a unique resident building at Keener Management. In addition to all the great…

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Featured Day Trip from DC: Field of Screams

October 17, 2016 /
Washington D.C. Field Of Screams Event

Halloween is quickly approaching, and Washingtonians are getting ready to buy their costumes and plan their Halloween debauchery. We’ve already mentioned some of our favorite Halloween events happening in the D.C. area, but now we want to talk about the number one rated scream park you don’t want to miss. If you want to get…

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This Is Halloween: Washington, D.C.

October 12, 2016 /
Two Halloween Characters In Washington D.C.

No matter what holiday approaches, you can always depend on D.C. to be celebrating it. Whether you are celebrating Independence Day or the start of the new year, you can always find some place in the D.C. area to celebrate. Halloween is right around the corner, and soon D.C. will be filled with the Halloween…

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DIY: Small Halloween Decorations

October 10, 2016 /

Decorating for Halloween can be challenging when you live in a small apartment. Participating in those neighborhood competitions of “who has the scariest house” or “who has the largest Halloween decorations,” and most of the time, entertaining trick-or-treaters is out of the question. But, having a small apartment does not mean the end to your…

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Visit the Heurich House Museum in Dupont Circle

October 5, 2016 /
Heurich House Museum In Dupont Circle

D.C.’s museum and art scene has always been spectacular. There are all sorts of museums and art galleries all throughout the nation’s capital, that you couldn’t possibly visit them all in one week to fully appreciate each exhibit or piece in each of them. One of the best and largest museum’s in D.C. is the…

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Taste of D.C.

October 3, 2016 /
Washington D.C. Crepe Food Truck

One great aspect of D.C. is the cultural diversity that brings so much delicious international food to D.C. diners. Washingtonians cherish this diversity so much that they have several food festivals throughout the year such as Restaurant Week, and upcoming on Oct. 8, the Taste of D.C. For one weekend, Taste of D.C. will feature…

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