DIY: Small Halloween Decorations

Decorating for Halloween can be challenging when you live in a small apartment. Participating in those neighborhood competitions of “who has the scariest house” or “who has the largest Halloween decorations,” and most of the time, entertaining trick-or-treaters is out of the question. But, having a small apartment does not mean the end to your Halloween spirit.

There are several ways you can maintain the Halloween spirit in your home with decorations. Whether it’s for a small get together to watch scary movies with friends or your significant other, or just to be in the spirit of the holiday, you can still decorate your home for Halloween.

Here are a few small, unique and contemporary Halloween decorations you can create yourself:

  1. Emoji Pumpkin: Create your own Emoji pumpkin to place in your home. All it takes is craft pumpkins, your favorite Emojis to use, adhesive magnets to adjust the faces, yellow spray paint and cardstocks. Click here for more information.
  2. Spooky Terrariums: Spooky terrariums make the perfect addition to your Halloween-decorated home. The only supplies you will need is a few fake spiders, black twigs, jars and cotton. Not only is it a small decoration to fit on your windowsill, but it is also an inexpensive alternative to pricey Halloween decorations. Click here to learn how to make a spooky terrarium.
  3. Thumbtack Pumpkin: Making a thumbtack pumpkin is simple! Just get some silver or gold thumbtacks from your local craft store and craft pumpkin in any color you want, then create your own image or message by making a pattern with the thumbtacks. Click here to learn more about this decoration.
  4. Transfer Image Pumpkin: If you want a pumpkin unique to your own idea of horror and creativity, or if you just really love a specific celebrity and cartoon character, create your own transfer-image pumpkin. All you need is a craft pumpkin, sponge, white-and-black images, a sponge, foam brush, scissors or craft knife and Mod Podge. Click here to learn how to create a transfer image pumpkin.
  5. Eyeball String Lights: Want to decorate your house with creepy lighting? Try eyeball string lights. All you need is ping pong balls, white string lights and acrylic paint. This will transform pretty Christmas lights into creepy glowing eyeballs watching your every move. Click here to learn how to make them.

The best part about all of these Halloween decorations is that they are all small and won’t take up much space. Place them on a coffee table, a window sill, on the floor or even on a shelf to make your home a small Halloween paradise.

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