Visit the Heurich House Museum in Dupont Circle

D.C.’s museum and art scene has always been spectacular. There are all sorts of museums and art galleries all throughout the nation’s capital, that you couldn’t possibly visit them all in one week to fully appreciate each exhibit or piece in each of them. One of the best and largest museum’s in D.C. is the Heurich House Museum.

The Heurich House Museum is filled with history and tons of events for visitors to enjoy. The mansion was built towards the end of the 19th century, when Dupont Circle was a center of wealth and fashion, built by German immigrant, local brewer and philanthropist Christian Heurich.

Only a few of the homes in the area have survived, and none are as intact as the Heurich House. The interior or the home is a true depiction of master craftsmanship and design with individually carved mantles and cast bronze fire backs, hand-painted ceiling canvases, and Heurich family collections. It even was built with the modern technology of its time in mind, incorporating elevator shafts, combination gas and lighting fixtures and a central vacuum system.

Today, it is a cherished museum and “brewmaster castle” as it has earned the name from the longest-operating brewing company in the city by Heurich. The museum offers private brewmaster tours where you tour the Heurich House and have a beer tasting of local craft beers.

The museum is also the place of “First on First Features” where each Friday of every month, there is a free celebration of D.C.’s creative community. You can tour the first floor of the museum, shop pop-ups and dance and listen to live music. On Oct. 7, guests can shop from local makers Amanda Hagerman Jewelry and Juanita’s Adventures in the Conservatory.

Every third Thursday, the museum partners with a local brewery for house tours and beer tastings. History & Hops is celebrating its first anniversary Oct. 20 as they feature the local brewpub, The Public Option.

The Heurich House Museum, former home of Christian Heurich, is a museum cherished for its history to Dupont Circle and the nation’s capital as a whole. Don’t miss out on these two events that celebrate the museum and the area’s rich history and culture.

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