The Best Indoor Plants for Spring

What are the best indoor plants for spring and which indoor flowering plants are best for your house or apartment? Let’s talk about which are the easiest plants to grow inside and how to care for them.

The Best Indoor Plants for Greenery

Spring is a great time to get a new green plant for your home, to bring the season indoors and enjoy better air quality.1 Some of the best green plants to grow indoors include:

  • Boston ferns, or other ferns. These do best in a humid environment and thrive in low light. Soaking a fern from the bottom several times a week will keep them green and gorgeous.
  • Spider plants, also called ribbon ivy. These come in a wide variety of pure green and variegated types and grow vertically from a windowsill, table, or hanging pot. They are easy to start from a cutting, so if you see one you love, ask if you might take a spider baby home!
  • Indoor trees like ficus, rubber trees, and flowering maples. Another way to make a corner or vertical space more beautiful is with a potted tree like these that tolerate low light.
  • Potted palms.These do well in sunny spaces as long as temperatures don’t get too hot or cold for comfort. Some of the best palms for the indoors are Areca, Dwarf Date, Bamboo, and Lady Palms.
  • Peace lilies. These are among the most forgiving and hardiest of house plants. They thrive in low light and can recover from moderate neglect. If you want to encourage their simple white flowers, keep them well watered and in filtered bright light.

The Most Colorful Indoor Plants

Colorful Indoor Plants

Having fresh cut indoor flowers in your home can be expensive because they need to be replaced every few days. With these hearty indoor flowering plants, you can enjoy fresh blooms all through the seasons:

  • Wax plants, also called Hoya, have glossy thick leaves and star-shaped clusters of flowers on long vines. They can tolerate dry air and scant watering.
  • Hydrangeas can be grown indoors and bloom naturally in springtime in direct sunlight. Flower color depends on variety and the pH of the soil.
  • Cyclamen have heart-shaped leaves at the base and butterfly-like flowers ranging from white to purple. They prefer cool temperatures and shallow soil that does not cover their crown.
  • Orchids like Phalenopsis and other easy-care varieties bloom for months in east- or west-facing windows. They should be watered once per week until water drains from the pot.
  • African violets are traditional flowering house plants that are constantly being bred for new colors and petal shapes. They love windowsills facing any direction but north, and they need to be kept slightly moist. Always water from the bottom to avoid leaf spotting.

The Benefits of Indoor Plants in Your Home

Best Indoor Plants for Greenery

There are many studies suggesting that indoor plants not only beautify our homes but offer other benefits including:1

  • Reducing stress levels while working with plants
  • Enhancing the ability to focus in the presence of live plants
  • Increasing feelings of well-being for those with mood challenges
  • Recovering more quickly from surgery, injury, or illness
  • Improving indoor air quality and reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air

Living in Beautiful Surroundings

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