FotoWeekDC 2016


The nation’s capital has always been a melting pot of culture and arts. With so many museums and art galleries, art and cultural festivals, as well as the several diverse surrounding neighborhoods in every inch of the D.C.-area, it is impossible to avoid indulging in what this city has to offer.


On Nov. 11, FotoDC and Brightest Young Thing present FotoWeekDC 2016 with an opening night party. This ninth annual photo festival will celebrate the art of photography with a night of live music, exhibition viewings, an open bar, small bites and photo booths for you and your friends to take a memory snapshot of fun and beautiful art. The Opening Night Party will take place at the National Geographic Society building from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.


FotoWeekDC will also offer a week of events for you to look forward to from opening night to Nov. 20. Each event showcases an exhibit surrounded by a photography project, including National Geographic’s most popular Instagram photos, a photographic essay of the descendants of freedom-seekers escaping slavery in the United States, a photo series of over 1,000 black males of all ages, and even a presentation of the 2016 FotoWeek Contest Winners.


Don’t miss out on FotoWeekDC 2016’s week of full events and exhibitions. Celebrate the city’s passion of photography and follow @NatGeo on Instagram to view their spectacularly breathtaking photos.


Click here for more information about the Opening Night Party.


Click here for more information about FotoWeekDC2016.


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