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Buying furniture for a new apartment can be difficult, especially when you are going for a vintage theme to decorate your home. Sure, Ikea, Target, or Crate & Barrel are great choices to decorate your home with a more modern look, but vintage furniture stores are your best bet to achieve a home with personality.

D.C. has several unique neighborhoods with their own personalities and histories, and what better way to match the personalities of these extraordinarily distinctive neighborhoods by buying vintage furniture from some of D.C.’s best vintage furniture shops?

Here are some of the best vintage furniture stores in D.C. with unique pieces to give your home some Washingtonian personality:

Modern Mobler
Located on Georgia Avenue in the Takoma neighborhood, this vintage furniture store sells Danish and American pieces from the 1950s to the 1970s. While they also sell modern furniture, they also have furniture over 60-years-old in excellent condition. Whether you’re searching for the perfect cherry wood armoire or a beautiful and intricate dining room chair, Modern Mobler can offer you the best piece for a reasonable price. Click here to learn more about Modern Mobler and what they have to offer.

Ruff & Ready
Ruff & Ready Furnishings has all the unique furniture that will keep the individual inside of you content! From Grecian statues to old radios from the 1920s, this vintage furniture store has everything you could desire and more. They even offer furniture at reasonable prices and often times with discounts! While Ruff & Ready does not have a website, you can still stop by their store on Fourteenth Street.

In the heart of the U Street Corrdior, Goodwood is one of the most cherished vintage furniture stores in DC. Approaching its 22nd birthday, this beloved U Street antique shop is the perfect place for professional millennials searching for the perfect pieces to their traditional-themed house or apartment. While they offer beautiful pieces such as large antique rugs and intricate floor lamps, they also offer women’s clothing to attract more young professionals that are so abundant in the neighborhood. While they do not have a website, make a trip to U Street and check out their store for some reasonably priced vintage furniture.

Miss Pixie’s
If you love funky vintage home décor, then Miss Pixie’s is the furniture boutique for you! They have unique pieces ranging from original artwork, glassware and even gems such as a vintage 1940s brass bar cart. They are also one of the most inexpensive vintage furniture stores in D.C. The best part? They offer cookies daily for patrons wanting a snack while searching for a unique addition to their home. To learn more, click here.

Although most of D.C.’s neighborhoods are filled with a youthful ambience, it has some of the best antique furniture stores to offer with unique and classic pieces. If you are looking to add some personality to your home with vintage furniture characterized with intricate, traditional and eccentric designs, check out these popular and revered vintage furniture boutiques in D.C.

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