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Decorative Table for the Holidays

Throwing a Holiday Party? Here’s What You Need to Make It Epic

With the holidays fast approaching, you might be stressing that you haven’t started thinking about your entertainment schedule yet—house parties, gift exchanges, caroling—but there’s no need to worry. We’ve got a list of what you need for a memorable and festive holiday party this season!   Keep It Simple and Focus on Friends While your Washington DC luxury apartment may seem a bit small for a big to-do, there are several ways to make it work. Believe it or not, you don’t have to go crazy or break the bank to host an epic get-together. People remember the memories they ...
Getting Ready for the Winter Season

Winter Is Coming—Are You Ready?

With winter and the holidays fast approaching, are you ready? We have a few tips for saving space with clever decorating tips for your Washington DC luxury apartment and staying cozy during the cold DC weather!   How Do I Decorate My Small Apartment and Save Space? Keeping an apartment nice and organized can be a challenge, but that only makes holiday decor more difficult. Where to store it all? Here are a few small-apartment decorating ideas to keep your apartment festive, without the year-round storage clutter: Multi-purpose: Find decorations that can be used year-round or for several occasions. Think ...
Halloween 2018 in Washington DC

Here’s Your Guide to Halloween 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Whether you’re a current resident, a curious tourist, or you are thinking of moving to DC, Halloween is the perfect time of year to celebrate in our nation’s capital! Fall is fully in swing, the leaves are falling, and that crisp, cool air brings a spooky feel. So, how to share in the season? We’ve got some fun things to do and fun ways to decorate for your Halloween in DC!   What to Do in DC for Halloween Halloween in Washington DC 2018 is going to be quite the party! For the over-21 crowd, the National Zoo offers a ...
Preventative Maintenance Tips for Apartments

3 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Apartment Tenants

When you’re moving in to your Washington DC luxury apartment, you’ll expect it to be in tip-top shape, with all appliances running as expected and your new home to be spic and span. With the tips in this blog, you can keep your apartment as clean and functional as when you moved in. Proper preventative maintenance checklist for apartments prevents problems down the road and keeps you living peacefully without the pesky need to schedule maintenance appointments.   1. Give Your Flooring Some Attention The floors in your apartment will put up with a lot during the time you’re living ...

Ready for Fall? Fun Tips to Transition Your Space from Summer to Autumn

You’ve spent all summer by the pool, perfecting your tan; you’ve had lush parties in your Washington DC luxury apartment, entertaining friends and family; and now summer is drawing to a close—no need to fret! While the sunny days of summer may be coming to an end, the warm, cozy feeling of fall and everything pumpkin is on its way. So, how do you easily transition from summer to fall, with little storage space or moola in the bank? We’ve got you covered with a few clever tips for easy fall decorating. Make It Work! One of the best design ...
open shelving in kitchen

Tiny Apartment Kitchen? Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger and Better

If you’ve got a tiny apartment kitchen, you know how important every last inch of counter space is. So, how do you get the most bang for your kitchen buck? We’ve got a few tips to maximize storage and organize a small apartment kitchen. Clean Out That Junk Washington DC luxury apartments are just that—luxurious—but it’s easy to clutter the space and feel overcrowded. That’s where smart storage comes into play! Playing Tetris with your utensils, pots, and pans, makes a world of difference. First things first What do you need, and what don’t you need? If you use that ...
Plants for Apartments

Is Your Green Thumb Looking a Bit Brown? Here Are Some Tips to Help Your Apartment Plants Thrive

So you’ve finally gotten that Washington DC luxury apartment: the rosé is in the fridge, phone is on silent, Netflix is queued – but something is missing. That organic and grounding element – plants! But what if your apartment doesn’t get all-day sun exposure? Or you don’t have a balcony for a few plants to catch some rays? No problem. We’ve got the top tips to help you choose the best indoor plants for your space. How to Choose Plants for Apartments with Low Light You may already know some of the benefits of having indoor plants – they can ...
two men and women enjoying picnic

5 Tips to Make Your Picnic Basket a Sight for Sore Eyes

Planning the perfect picnic in DC is easy. Thankfully, when you live at The Park Crest – our premier Kalorama apartments – it isn’t hard to find a beautiful spot to lay out a blanket and enjoy some delicious food and fun with friends. Whether you’ve just moved to DC and want to know the perfect place to enjoy a sunny picnic, or you’ve been here for years and want to try something different, this list will showcase the best picnic areas in DC (and one worth the short commute into Maryland), and the best tips for the perfect picnic ...
Firework Rockets Launching at Washington DC

5 Great Summer Festivals in Washington, D.C.

Summer in Washington, DC can be exciting if you know where to go and what to see. From the July 4th fireworks to local craft beer festivals, the nation’s capital is full of attractions. Whether you live in our apartments in Dupont Circle or our Columbia Heights apartments, here are some fun summer events in Washington DC for locals and visitors alike. 4th of July Celebrations The 4th of July is a big event in the nation’s capital. It’s a celebration of our nation’s birth, a testament to the centuries-old heritage of our long-standing republic, and a fun way to ...
Best Fireworks Viewing Spots in Washington

Celebrate America: The Best Fireworks Viewing Spots in Washington, DC

If any city knows how to celebrate America’s birthday, it’s Washington, DC. Here you can celebrate our 242nd Independence Day amid all the historic splendor of the nation’s capital. Start the morning with the National Independence Parade, take in a free concert on the West Lawn, and wrap it all up with the stunning Washington DC fireworks display over the National Mall. Whether you catch the action from the comfort of your luxury apartment in Washington DC from 2000 Connecticut, The Asher, The Drake, The Harper and The Hamilton House. You can also seek out great spots in and around ...