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Accessories for Your Apartment

7 Must-Have Accessories for Your Apartment

Been settled in your apartment for a while but still feel like it’s missing a few key items? Just moved in and wondering what finishing touches will transform it into a home? It’s time for some new apartment décor. Whether you’re living in a budget or luxury apartment, this list of accessories can spruce up your place and make things a lot easier. Read on to see which ones you already have and which you may need to run to the store and get! Living Room: Storage Ottoman Don’t have an ottoman? You’re missing out! Not only does an ottoman ...
Couple Exploring Alternative Date Ideas

5 Alternatives to Dinner & a Movie: Date Ideas in Logan Circle, Washington D.C.

Dinner and a movie, while a classic, is a tired, conventional date idea. When you live in a city like D.C., you’re shortchanging yourself by not taking advantage of all the diverse places and nightlife. Logan Circle in particular, home to some of the best luxury apartments in D.C., has plenty of fun things to do for couples that are only a short walk away. If you’re looking for something exciting, out of the ordinary, and fun for your next night out in and around Logan Circle, look no further than the list below. Relax and unwind: Take a massage ...
Fresh Cup Of Coffee From D.C. 14th Street Coffee Shop

5 Best Coffee Shops in D.C. Near 14th Street

Lively, bustling, energetic—all words that describe the neighborhood surrounding 14th Street. It’s home to some of the best luxury apartments, bars and coffee shops in D.C. For a lot of us, there’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to get the day going. It’s always worth a quick stop on the way to work and if you’re in the neighborhood, you’re only a few minutes’ walk from coffee satisfaction. Here’s a list of the best coffee shops on or near 14th Street: The Wydown Coffee Bar, 1924 14th St NW This well-known coffee shop serves a great selection of ...
Husband and Wife Making A Dinner Salad

Three Meals All 20-30 Somethings Need to Know How to Cook

Cooking is a skill everyone should learn, whether you’re a lover of gourmet food or a culinary minimalist who delights in a simple ham and cheese sandwich. Cooking is a fun social activity you can enjoy with friends and family in your luxury apartment in Washington, D.C. or wherever you may reside. Mastering new recipes provides even amateur cooks with a great feeling of personal satisfaction. Also, preparing your own meals provides an excellent way to take control of your diet, allowing you to choose healthy ingredients and avoid the excess calories often found in restaurant food. A recent study ...
3 Women Enjoying Logan Circle’s Best Luxury Spa

Logan Circle’s Best Luxury Spas

Logan Circle is a vibrant community with luxury apartments and the luxury spas to match. If you seek the finer things in life, you’ll be glad to know there are more than a few places to unwind in Logan Circle. Whether you need a good massage to get your mind off work, grad school or family, there are plenty of spas just minutes away from luxury living. Here’s a list of the best luxury spas in Logan Circle. Lunar Massage – The 11th Street location is Lunar Massage’s newest studio housed in a beautiful, contemporary space with four rooms. For ...
Crowd At A Washington DC Summer Festival

Best Washington DC Summer Festivals in 2017

As the weather starts warming up, Washington DC is full of fun and exciting festivals to suit everyone’s tastes. Kicking things off in May, and running every Friday through October, is a festival just for foodies: Truckeroo. Food trucks from all over the DC area can be found at the Fairgrounds at Yards Park serving up a wide assortment of flavor meals, snacks, and treats. If you are into bluegrass music, you should check out both the Kingman Island Bluegrass and Folk Festival, held on May 13th, and the Summer Escape at Mount Vernon on June 9th and 10th. For ...
Boy and Girl Holding Hands In The Park

Six Secret Washington D.C. Gardens and Parks You Don’t Want to Miss

Our nation’s capital reflects urban planning at its best, with many great parks and landmarks thoughtfully scattered throughout the city. Some of these parks and landmarks are better known than others, but some of Washington D.C.’s less well-known parks and gardens are among its best. About 19.4 percent of Washington, D.C. is park land, making it second only to New York City (19.6 percent parkland) in space devoted to parks in big cities. Some of the better-known parks include the National Mall and Rock Creek Park, which are among the most visited parks in the country. Some of the District ...
DIY Summer Decor Made From Sea Shells

DIY Summer Decor for 2017

With summer just around the corner, now is a great time to give your apartment a makeover to change its appearance. Summertime is all about bright, warm, and exciting colors. You could also choose to decorate using specific themes, such as a beach theme or nautical theme. Bedroom – Swap out your duvet, sheets, and pillow covers for ones that are colorful or which match your theme. Living Room – Add a new rug in a color or design that brightens up the room. Make your own couch cushion cases to put over the existing cushions to give them a ...
Miniature Buddha Statue and Sand Garden

Feng Shui Decorating

Feng shui is a substantial principle to use when apartment decorating. Often times, the way you design and decorate your home can influence several different atmospheres; however, it all depends on what you are trying to promote when apartment decorating. Do you want to promote wealth or success? Health or refreshment? Feng shui plays a significant role in the atmosphere that each room in your apartment presents. When people think of feng shui, most think about the colors to promote a certain atmosphere. It is important to promote a welcoming atmosphere in any home, but placement is also important to living ...
Mezcalero Restaurant

Restaurant Openings in 2017… So Far!

The new year is here, which means you can expect new beginnings. In D.C., the new year brings highly-anticipated annual festivals, events and restaurant openings.   D.C. is a melting pot of many different restaurants and bars offering food and libations for every type of D.C. dweller. While many restaurants and bars have closed in the last year, Washingtonians can always look forward to several openings throughout the most lively neighborhoods.   This year is promising for some new restaurants and bars with delectable drinks and food. Here are a few restaurants that have opened thus far:   Red Apron ...