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woman cleaning the glass

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning List for Your DC Apartment

No one knows how, why, or when spring cleaning became such a venerable tradition. Maybe it’s because old fireplaces covered homes in a layer of soot during the winter months. It may have something to do with religious observances. It could simply be that no one has the energy to clean in the dead of winter or the inclination to get sweaty in the balm of summer. Whatever the reason, you would do well to take some pointers before tackling that apartment in Washington, DC head-on. Your Handy Apartment Spring Cleaning Checklist There’s day-to-day cleaning, and then there’s spring cleaning. ...
Trendy-Apartment Decor on a Tight Budget

Where to Buy Trendy Apartment Decor on a Tight Budget

How do you decorate luxury apartments in Washington DC? If you’re like most residents, you want apartment décor that’s unique, personal, and affordable. You want items you won’t find in every other apartment in the city for prices that won’t throw you into debt. Years ago, that might have been a challenge, but, these days, there are countless online retailers and artisan communities that cater to modern needs. Here are some of the best. Wayfair Probably the most well-known destination for discount home goods, Wayfair still leads the pack when it comes to bargains. The site, which sells everything from ...
Cherry Blossom PUB

4 Incredible Staycation Ideas for DC Residents

You live in a luxury apartment in DC, one of the hippest, most happening cities in the country. In addition to its rich history and political goings-on, this metropolis is home to fine restaurants, stylish bars, indie bookstores, world-class museums, and so much more. Perhaps that’s why tastemakers have named DC the staycation capital of the country or, at least, one of the top three. With such a varied offering here at home, it’s no wonder so many people skip the long drives and the cramped planes to instead play the tourist in their own city. If that sounds like ...
Hosting a March Madness Party

How to Host a Mad, Mad March Madness Party in Your DC Apartment

March is finally here! And with it, college basketball’s most celebrated, most watched, and most gripping event—March Madness, that month-long contest during which 68 of college basketball’s best teams compete for the most coveted prize in the league, with college players hoping to catch notice from NBA recruiters. Among the competitors, you’ll find some local teams to cheer for—the Patriots from George Mason University, the Eagles from American University, the Hoyas from Georgetown University, the Terrapins from the University of Maryland, and more. If you’re one of the many fans who’s planning on hosting a bash for friends and family, ...
2018 March Madness Tickets

How to Celebrate March Madness 2018 in Washington, DC

It’s here. March Madness. According to the official NCAA schedule, Selection Sunday falls on March 11th this year, while the First Four takes place on March 13th and 14th. The Final Four will dominate the airwaves on March 31st and April 2nd when the last teams go head to head in what often turns out to be a nail-biting finish. The only question is what will you be doing when Madness is sweeping the nation? You could throw your own party in your Washington DC luxury apartment, but you probably won’t be serving bean dip and beer every day for ...
fitness life hacks

5 Fitness Hacks to Get the Most out of Your Workouts

Still thinking about those New Years’ resolutions? And thinking? And thinking? If you’re struggling to follow through with your new fitness routine, you’re not alone. Exercising can be a drag, especially when the winter frost makes you dread leaving the warm comfort of your Washington DC luxury apartments. If you’re like the rest of us, you kicked off the new year with a list of promises … and then life happened. So, where do you find the motivation? How do you pump it up? And, most importantly, how do you keep it up? Here are some fitness life hacks to ...
renting an apartment after college

How to Find Your First Post-Graduation Apartment in DC

If you’re one of those people who says “I don’t want to move back home after college,” then you’ll need to knuckle down and think hard about your options. Armed with a plan, a job, and a list of apartments in DC, you, too, can conquer the big city without help from Mom and Dad. “How?” you ask. “Where do I start? How do I choose the perfect place for me”? Here are some tips for finding and renting an apartment after college that will help you sort through the confusion. Location First things first. You need to decide where ...
Celebrate Valentines Day in DC

9 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in DC in 2018

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day 2018? If you don’t already know the answer to that question, it’s time to start thinking. Whether you’re married, dating, single, or confused; whether you hit the town with a new date or pass an intimate night in your Washington DC luxury apartment with that special someone, there are plenty of ways to honor the most romantic day of the year. Here are just a few. Dine Out Want to celebrate a traditional Valentine's Day? DC restaurants provide the perfect backdrop for a special evening. Many top restaurants offer special, romance-inspired menus for February ...
Pros-and-cons of hiring a moving company

How to Move from Here to There in DC Without Losing Your Mind

Moving isn’t the most thrilling way to spend your day, but it doesn’t have to be the most stressful, either, particularly if you’re migrating from one DC location to another. Whether you’re hopping from our luxurious apartments in Dupont Circle to our modern apartments in Logan Circle, or making the journey from our apartments in Columbia Heights to our apartments in Woodley Park, you should consider all your options before M-Day, which is to say moving day, catches you by surprise. To help you make the transition, here are some tips for moving from here to there without breaking the ...
Best Winter Hotspots in Washington DC

The Best Winter Hotspots in Washington DC

Winter in DC may be cold, but it’s far from boring. From ice skating to museum-hopping, to hibernating in your luxury apartments on Dupont Circle, there are enough cold-weather activities to suit every personality. Here are a few things to do in Washington DC in January that will help you set your itinerary for the coming month. Hit the Ice at the National Gallery From November to mid-March, the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden hosts a skating rink where people of all ages love to have their winter fun. Grab some hot chocolate and skate late into the night ...