Design Trends for Small Spaces

By thinking of innovative ways to increase storage space to reduce clutter, and using furniture and color schemes to make your space appear larger, you can have the best of urban living in a smaller space.

Here are a few decoration and design ideas to make your small space appear larger and to create more space in general:

Color: Add bright, vibrant colors to your bathroom and bedroom to make the impression that you have more floor and wall space. For living rooms and kitchens, add light colors such as crème or white with a vast amount of light coming in from windows to increase the appearance of a much larger space all throughout.

Curtain Dividers: If you have a small space between your living room and kitchen area, use a curtain divider. By adding a curtain divider between the space, your living room and kitchen area will both appear to be much larger because they will look as if they each have their own space.

Mirrors: Mirrors aren’t just for looking at your beautiful reflection. They can be used to make a room appear larger. Add a large mirror on the wall of your living room or bedroom to create an illusion of a larger room. For an additional technique, add multiple panels on the mirror to add the appearance of a large window and place the mirror across from a window to have light reflect in the room, which would give the room an even larger appearance.

Bed Storage: Instead of having a bulky dresser in your bedroom, get a bed with dressers to keep clothes, shoes or other essentials. You can also get a bunk bed without the bottom bunk and add storage drawers or shelves underneath to create a storage space for clothes, books and other items that would otherwise create clutter. Use the extra space you would have used for a dresser to add a shelf for extra storage!

Multipurpose Bedroom: Make your bedroom a multipurpose room by designing it in a way that will create space for a home office while having space for your bed or even a reading nook. This is where having a bunk bed can also be helpful because you can have a home office underneath the top bunk. You can also add a small desk to your wall for the home office feel.

Flip-down Table: Is your kitchen not big enough for a complete dining area? No problem! Just add a flip-down table to your wall and add a funky bar chair or stool to create a small dining area.

Bathroom Storage: To reduce clutter on sinks, in medicine cabinets and in sink cabinets, invest in storage containers for your bathroom. Place them by your sink or in the cabinet to create an organized place for all of your bathroom needs. Get different sizes so they will fit just about anywhere. You can also create your own hanging shelf for all of your other necessities and extra storage.

Ottoman: If you love ottomans, this is the perfect idea for you. Get an upholstered ottoman to use as storage, seating and even a table! Instead of getting extra seating, a coffee table or storage containers, an ottoman can be used for all three.

For more tips on how to design and decorate your small space, visit HGTV’s website!

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