DIY: Christmas Tree Alternatives for Small Spaces

Thanksgiving has passed, which means it’s time to start preparing for Christmas. You reminisce on every year that your family carried in that gigantic Christmas tree ready for you to decorate with candy canes and ornaments, but then you take a look around your small apartment and realize you don’t have the space to carry on the tradition.

The holiday season is a festive and fun time for parties, special events, and of course, decorating. While having a small apartment doesn’t always make it easy to decorate at this time of year–especially with Christmas trees that take up a great deal of space–we have provided several of our favorite decorating alternatives for the holiday season.

  1. Wall-mounted Christmas Tree: With just a wooden frame, green fabric, a staple gun and hanging wire, ornaments and a few other materials, you can make your own wall-mounted Christmas tree. Get creative and even place a white wreath or stars around the frame for your own unique holiday atmosphere. Click here to learn how make your own wall-mounted Christmas tree.
  2. Doily Christmas Tree: All you need for this DIY Christmas tree are a few doilies, hot glue, and twigs or skewers. This creates an elegant look on any windowsill or table, especially if they are set among a bed of cotton to create a snowy winter wonderland! Click here for more information about this DIY project.
  3. Ornament Christmas Terrarium: Instead of the ornament being on the tree, the tree is inside the ornament in this alternative Christmas tree! All you need is a clear ornament ball that has a twist-off top, pine leaves, and anything else you may want to add inside the terrarium. Add soil then hang the ornaments onto a branch or a wired rack wrapped with white Christmas lights. Next hang the branch or rack on the wall. Click here to learn how to make the ornament terrarium.
  4. Mason Jar Christmas Tree: Grab some empty mason jars and fill them with ornaments, snowy material–anything you can think of to create a Christmas atmosphere–and stack them in a pyramid with a star on top for effect! You can create your own unique tree alternative with this project. Click here to see the finished product.
  5. Christmas Pigeon Hole Shelf: Create your own Christmas ornament display with a pigeon hole shelf. All you need are gold and white ornaments, pine tree branches and white Christmas tree lights for this beautiful holiday display. Then, when you’re finished decorating it to your liking, mount it on the wall. Click here for the step-by-step process.

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