How to Make Your Apartment Comfortable for Visiting Friends & Family

The holiday season has arrived. It being that time of year again, you’re likely to host visiting friends and family. A priority is to make them feel welcome after their travels. There are many things in apartments D.C. college graduates, young professionals, and singles can do to make spaces inviting and accommodating.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

When it comes to apartment rental, D.C. has some of the best, most convenient locations. Guests want to feel relaxed and welcome when they enter your home from the busy streets. Some ways to boost the ambiance include:

  • Mood lighting: Adjustable lighting enables you to tailor the atmosphere of a room to the situation. You might have bright overhead lights for housework or a hobby project, but that won’t work if friends are there for a social visit.
  • Comfortable sofas and seating: Seating arrangements should be close together, so your living room is warm and inviting to guests. Try not to create distance by placing couches and chairs too far apart.
  • A warm color scheme: Color has a psychological effect on people. Browns, reds, and peach-orange can make the space more inviting, which can put everyone in the mood for a relaxing social gathering.
  • Aromatherapy: Creating a sensory experience for guests includes adding some welcoming smells. Scented candles can be enough to boost the olfactory senses of visitors, so they’re feeling more at ease in your environment.

Accommodating Your Guests

The luxury apartments Washington has available can be made friendlier to guests in many ways. First, you should have the bedding set up before they arrive, whether that includes fresh sheets and blankets, sleeping mats, or air mattresses. Other ways to make them feel comfortable include:

  • Towels and toiletries set up, so guests don’t have to ask for them.
  • Shop for food in advance and ask about preferences, dislikes, and allergies.
  • Elevate the mood with flowers, water, lights, reading material, or extra blankets (if it’s cold).
  • Include guests in meal prep; many guests enjoy helping and contributing.
  • Offer them a ride to the train station or a car ride home.

Be Thoughtful of Detail

When you’re invited to someone’s house, don’t you notice every last detail? There’s no reason others won’t notice yours as well. From accommodating others to lighting the room, there are many details to consider. Those fresh flowers, photographs of your family, and scented bathroom soaps aren’t just filling the room. They make people feel relaxed and welcome.

Last, don’t dwell on being trendy. If you’re not comfortable with the latest trend, it will reflect on your visitors’ overall experience. Just be yourself and set up your home to show your individuality.

Making guests feel welcome for the holidays is important. After all, these are occasions people tend to remember for a long time. If you are in Washington, D.C., luxury apartments may be a phone call away. Browse our available properties online or call Keener Management’s Concierge by Text service at 202-660-9989 today!

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