New Washington DC Restaurants Opening in 2024

New Washington DC Restaurants Opening

Washington DC in 2024 has never been a more exciting place to seek out local cuisine and experiment with different flavors. With many restaurants opening and reopening at the start of the year, visitors and locals alike are in for a treat in every neighborhood.

Whether you’re looking for family style restaurants in Washington DC or an elevated date night to enjoy craft cocktails and fine food, this city has it—and it’s never had more options than it does in 2024.

Here are the best new restaurants in DC, opening in 2024 or just having arrived this year:


Good Mexican food can be hard to find in the northern parts of the United States, but Pascual is here to prove it’s not impossible. With a menu focused mainly on vegetables (great for those who follow a plant-based diet), the owners moved specifically to DC with plans to bring great, authentic Mexican food to the heart of the city.

In Capitol Hill, they’ve finally realized their dream, and their new restaurant is now available for reservations.

Moon Rabbit

Back in early 2023, Moon Rabbit on the Wharf closed, disappointing many who were big fans of its flavorful Vietnamese cuisine. Patrons will be pleased to know that it’s open again and pioneered by the same award-winning chef, Kevin Tien—lucky for those who stay nearby in neighborhoods like Logan Circle!

Moon Rabbit loves traditional Vietnamese dishes but aims to put modern twists on them and elevate the culinary experience beyond the traditional flavors you might already be familiar with. They aim to balance the traditional techniques and ingredients with new innovative ideas, pleasing both those who love Vietnamese food and those who just want to try something new.

Aventino and AP Pizza Shop

Owned by Mike Friedman, a renowned DC chef, Aventino and AP Pizza Shop are two different restaurants that showcase different sides of his awesome innovation and cooking. The openings have been pushed back for years, but finally opened in January, 2024.

Aventino serves Roman food, inspired by Friedman’s Italian-Jewish background. AP Pizza Shop has much more casual offerings, so if you want to grab a slice of pizza while walking the streets in Bethesda, this might be the more appropriate choice.

Regardless of what you’re craving, Friedman can deliver.


Enigma is a work of art. Focused on drinks and craft cocktails as much as it is the food, it delivers everything you could want in a social outing. From the Enigma Burger with gorgonzola fondue and pickled mushrooms to the cocktail with scotch and pomegranate foam, nothing on the menu is tired or outdone.

Opened at the start of 2024, it’s quickly become one of the best spots on U Street.


For fans of DC fine dining, Reverie’s closure was a terrible disappointment—but in 2024, the restaurant has plans to reopen. Tucked away on a side street in Georgetown, it’s hard to find, but entirely worth the search, and it is just a 9-minute metro ride from the Kalorama neighborhood.

This is very much an American restaurant, with exquisite cooking that’s put it firmly on the Michelin map. There’s no greater indicator of quality, and residents and visitors alike are eager for it to reopen.


The Union Market District has been graced with the presence of Pastis, DC, which has a classic bistro menu and a delightful interior. Decorated with handwritten specials every day and a curved bar, this place radiates class and effort, and the taste of the food only speaks more to those qualities.

Explore These Best New Restaurants in DC

Apartments Near the Best Restaurants in Washington DC

The Washington DC new restaurants scene is exploding in 2024. Old favorites like Moon Rabbit and Reverie are back to please their patrons, and new offerings like Enigma and Pascaul are providing more options.

Whether you’re craving some authentic Mexican or Vietnamese food, or want some good old American cuisine cooked to perfection, DC is here for you.

If you’re tempted by the food scene in DC and thinking about making it your home, there’s never been a better time to do so. Keener Management has properties in the heart of these thriving neighborhoods. For example, luxury apartment buildings like The Drake in Dupont Circle are within easy walking distance of Enigma, and others are just a quick metro ride to any of these places.

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