Three Alternatives to New Year’s Eve Parties

Every New Year’s Eve, D.C. bars, lounges and nightclubs are filled with hundreds and thousands of people all looking to party into the new year. While they can provide a night of unforgettable moments and memories, they can also be a hassle. New Year’s Eve parties are usually so crowded that people find themselves having a terrible night waiting in long lines, being squished, and spending hundreds of dollars on tickets and drinks.

Instead of going to the same parties on New Year’s Eve, gather your friends and family for an inexpensive alternative to celebrating the new year. Here are three other things you can do besides party in a bar, lounge or club for New Year’s Eve:

Visit Alexandria
Visit Old Town Alexandria for a night of live performances, shopping and fireworks all night before the clock strikes 12. Visit dozens of museums, public buildings and retail shops to watch live performances. Then, at 10 p.m., get ready for the Fireworks Finale where it kicks off with an outdoor dance party until the fireworks set off at midnight over the Potomac River.

Visit the Georgetown Waterfront
Don’t feel like traveling all the way to Alexandria just to watch the fireworks? No problem. Visit Georgetown and stand at the Washington Harbour. You’ll be able to see the fireworks standing on the Potomac River. If you are insistent on partying in Georgetown, there are several bars you can crawl to without having to pay hundreds of dollars to enter.

Dining on New Year’s Eve
While the prices are much more expensive on New Year’s Eve, the experience is worth it. Restaurants all around D.C. will be serving four and three-course meals and drink specials until midnight, where most will allow their patrons to toast with champagne as soon as the ball drops. There are several restaurants and even beer gardens offering prices under $100 to celebrate with them. Instead of paying $50 to $90 to party in an overcrowded club, gather your friends or your significant other for a night of dining and conversation to make a special New Year’s Eve.

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