5 Decor and Food Ideas for Football Watch Parties

Getting together to watch college football teams is an awesome way to have fun with friends and family. If you’re like many other Washington, DC luxury apartment residents, you’re planning to host at least one watch party during football season. Here are 5 DIY ideas that will score big with guests every time.

1. Decorate with Astroturf

Astroturf is something you can find at virtually any hardware store. This stuff can be used in many ways for decorating your football watch party. Make a set of game day placemats by cutting it into squares, and then use chalk to draw yard lines. You can also cut small circles or squares to make into cute coasters.

Take a large piece and use as a snack table topper, complete with football-themed place cards to show which snacks are which.

2. Make Fun Food and Drinks

Beef sliders, pizza dips, poppers, and dogs are just a few of the many food choices your guests can take with them anywhere. Place these great snacks in football-shaped or themed dishes, or build your own “snackadium” with all the munchies arranged side by side in their own football stadium.

Drinks can be served in your own glasses that you decorated for the preseason game with removable glass paint. A pinch of green food coloring into clear drinks will add a pop of color.

3. Make Sure Guests Are Comfortable

Your guests won’t want to stand for the entire game, so make sure there are plenty of places for them to sit. Borrow some chairs from another room, or toss a few bean bags or poufs around the TV for comfortable watching. Chillier weather might call for setting out some cozy throws, too.

4. Music and Games

Having a great game-day playlist is a must-have for any watch party. Ensure those energetic beats are going as guests arrive. You can even turn on the tunes during breaks in the game. Speaking of games, you can have a few fun things in store for guests who aren’t into the commercials.

Got some empty boxes from your last move into an apartment rental DC? Just add brown tissue paper, and you can make a football pinata. Cut the pieces for a hollow football, tape them together, and cover with tissue paper. Fill the football with individually wrapped treats, and voila! Instant game day fun.

5. Post-Game Party Favors

Just because the game is over doesn’t mean the fun has to be! The perfect way to end your watch party is to give each guest a little gift as they make their way out. Homemade treats wrapped in or put into a football-themed container, a hand-etched or painted shot glass, or even just a little football helmet can be a great gesture that guests will love.

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