Celebrate National Watermelon Day in D.C.

There are a bunch of unusual national holidays that we celebrate in the U.S. such as National Best Friends Day and National Tequila Day, but there is even one to celebrate one of the sweetest red fruits in the summertime.

Yes, August 3rd is National Watermelon Day, and the best way to celebrate this unusual holiday is to, of course, enjoy a big, sweet watermelon or to do some watermelon-inspired activities!

-Take a picture at the Watermelon House: This house located in Logan Circle is painted like a juicy watermelon! The house was first intended to be painted a nice solid red, but in a mix up, was somehow painted bright pink. Instead of the owners getting upset about the paint job, they decided to make the best of a bad situation by painting a watermelon on the side of the house, and, thus, the Watermelon House was born! Now, it is a major neighborhood landmark, and you can find Washingtonians taking selfies in front of the large watermelon.

-Visit the Watermelon Park Campground. Although this place has nothing to do with the famous summer fruit, it is still a fun place with the name “Watermelon.” Only one hour away from the D.C. Metro area, this campground makes a great day trip for fishing, boating and picnicking with friends and family. A day pass is only $10 per person. Bring your own supplies to avoid the Watermelon Park prices, and don’t forget to bring some fresh watermelon! For more information, click here!

-Enjoy a sweet watermelon cocktail at any of these popular D.C. bars: El Centro’s, Matchbox, Cuba Libre, Sotto’s and Circa have some fresh adult-friendly watermelon drinks! From El Centro’s Spiked Watermelon Agua Fresca to Sotto’s Watermelon Man infused with vodka, watermelon-cucumber syrup, lime and ginger beer, these bars and restaurants will really have your mouth watering!

-Enjoy a watermelon salad: If you like unique food, you will really enjoy these restaurants that sell watermelon salads such as Duke’s Grocery, Kapnos and the Columbia Heights Farmer’s Market have some of the best watermelon salads. Try the quinoa watermelon salad at Duke’s Grocery, the Greek watermelon and feta salad at the Columbia Heights Farmer’s Market, or any of these other spots in D.C.

No matter how you enjoy your watermelon, whether it’s in a selfie, in your glass, or in the traditional way, be sure to celebrate National Watermelon Day in D.C. the right way!


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