Four Great Places to Shop in Georgetown

Georgetown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the District and a place filled with history, but it’s also one of the liveliest and most fashionable.

Georgetown is a hip, fun place with beautiful cobble-stone sidewalks and an upscale and modern charm, which makes it an attraction to tourists, but it is also an attraction to fashionable Washingtonians. Its wide-ranging retail scene is covered in high-end designers such as Rag & Bone and mainstream stores such as H&M, but it also has some great boutiques.

If you’re a Washingtonian who loves unique, rare finds, here are four great boutiques to shop at in Georgetown:

1) Violet Boutique: Although this boutique isn’t new to D.C., it is new to Georgetown after moving from its location in Adams Morgan. This store has chic and affordable women’s fashion from stone accessories to cocktail and formal dresses. Check out their website here!

2) Hu’s Wear: Just across the street from Hu’s Shoes, this boutique is the best place to shop for items that don’t fit boring clichés. It offers women’s clothing, sunglasses and accessories from designers such as Alexander McQueen, Céline, Chloé and more! If you want to check out their online store, click here!

3) Sherman Pickey: If you love classic clothing with a modern edge, you’ll love Sherman Pickey. That’s the motto for this boutique that sells women’s clothing and accessories from designers such as Mahi Gold, Eliza J., and Gigi NY. To check out their clothing and accessories, click here!

4) Wink: If you’re a woman who loves to stand out, Wink is the boutique for you. This chic and flirty boutique offers the latest trendy items in fashion from a wide range of designers such as Ella Moss to LNA. They don’t have a website currently, but if you like to explore Georgetown, make sure to check out their store located on M Street.

Georgetown is for people attracted to historic areas with contemporary charm and love keeping up with the latest fashion. No matter which boutique you decide to browse through, you won’t be disappointed with what they have to offer as a Washingtonian fashion-connoisseur.

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