Feng Shui Decorating

Feng shui is a substantial principle to use when apartment decorating. Often times, the way you design and decorate your home can influence several different atmospheres; however, it all depends on what you are trying to promote when apartment decorating. Do you want to promote wealth or success? Health or refreshment? Feng shui plays a significant role in the atmosphere that each room in your apartment presents.

When people think of feng shui, most think about the colors to promote a certain atmosphere. It is important to promote a welcoming atmosphere in any home, but placement is also important to living comfortably. How you place your bed, seating area and other décor will determine your comfort in each room.


Try not to make your bedroom appear larger. While it may seem appealing to have a large bedroom, when it is time to sleep, you may find it difficult to stay rested. When you are sleeping you feel the most vulnerable, so a larger space may have your instincts on high alert. Instead, place as much art and décor in your bedroom as you can in order to make your room appear much more full and less spacious.

It is also imperative that you place your bed’s head against a wall. Having your head against the wall gives you a sense of security. If it were directly placed under a window or by an entryway, you may feel more vulnerable and exposed. The sounds of the night and in your home can also be very disrupting, and , can create a sense that you need to be on high alert when you should be resting. So place your head in a space where you hear little sound. It is important to feel secure and safe in your bedroom, so placing your head where there is no entryway is your best bet to a restful night.

Living Room

Living rooms are the most important part of any home because it is where you have leisure time and invite your family and friends. Having a comfortable living room is important. Most apartments do not have a separate space for the living room, but that does not mean that placement is no longer important.

Allow your living room to appear spacious. Do not place too much furniture in your living room, as it will appear uninviting. Place your seating area against a solid wall where you can see the front door. This will give you a sense of security and feel less vulnerable, as well as keep your attention focused on relaxation or your friends and family. If the entrance isn’t visible, then place a mirror where you will be able to see the entrance. Place happy and beautiful landscape art in your living room to invite a comfortable and positive atmosphere.


Normally, kitchens that are seen immediately when entering the house. This can often influence visitors to eat and leave and promote bad nutritional habits, but in an apartment, often times this situation is unavoidable. If your kitchen is seen immediately upon entry, do not worry. There are ways to remedy this situation.

One remedy is to place something eye-grabbing such a big plant or piece of art so that the eye is drawn there first. Lastly, the only other remedy to this situation besides promoting positive effects with color is to place your dining area in the center of your kitchen so that the cook can see the whole space around them. Most apartments have a single area where the living room, kitchen and dining area are all combined, so it’s easy to maintain your attention around the entire space. Normally, an island counter is the solution, but if you do not have an island counter, this is the next best remedy.


Feng shui, it just might make your home a relaxing and peaceful place! For more information, click here.

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