Start A New Thanksgiving Tradition With These DIY Projects

With Thanksgiving around the corner, families and friends will gather around the table to show reverence and share a wonderful feast. Tradition is great, but even with the younger generations now getting older, new traditions must be made.

While going around the table expressing your gratitude to your family is special, making a personal Thanksgiving decoration for your family can be a memory you all will cherish for generations.

This year, instead of just bringing your usual Thanksgiving dish or dessert, create one of these special Thanksgiving decorations and activities to add to your family traditions:

Create a “We Are Grateful” Message Board

Instead of going around the table to state what you’re grateful for, create a message board. Go to your local Michael’s or arts craft store and get a large board and art easel. Next, decide how you want it designed. Add family photos in the center and pin your “I am grateful for…” message on small cards, sticky notes or just a grab a sharpie and write around the photos.

Create Corn Husk Candles

Grab a corn husk and wrap it around your favorite scented candle to spread the aroma of warmth on Thanksgiving. Whether it is around the wax candle itself or around a candle holder, the corn husk will make a perfect centerpiece to the dinner table. Maybe even have all of your family participate in making corn husk candles that you all can add to the table or around the house.

Add a Thanksgiving Card Tray to the Dining Room Table

All you need is a serving tray and some beautifully designed cards for the Thanksgiving Card Tray. Just grab a card and write a message to a family member, suggest a game, or just give thanks. You can write any message you want on the Thanksgiving Card Tray and maybe even turn it into a game. Have each person read a card aloud and guess who wrote the message to share a laugh with your family.

Make A Vintage Family Tree

Sketch a family tree on a plain white board, then add all of your family’s baby photos in black-and-white onto the board and guess who is who to arrange the family tree in its proper order. This will be a fun game for you and your family to enjoy.

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