Top 10 Michelin Star Restaurants in Washington DC You Should Try Today

One of Washington DC’s highlights is its delectable food scene. Every corner of DC features restaurants that are bound to satisfy. Check out our list of top ten DC Michelin Star Restaurants for meals that consistently deliver.


Check out DC’s Jônt to experience an immersive meal that’s filled with surprises. Grand wooden doors greet Jônt visitors before they’re led into the restaurant’s lively dining area. One glance inside of Jônt, and you’ll immediately feel a connection with the establishment’s precise and technical approach to cooking.

Each Jônt dish contains its own unique hint of creative inspiration. Top-shelf ingredients fuel Jônt’s flavor while upbeat music fills the air. Jônt is the type of DC restaurant that demands a revisit. Learn more about Jônt.


Gravitas is a DC restaurant that thrives on its delicious flavor and minimalist setting. This eat-in is set in a former tomato factory that provides a compelling backdrop. Orders at Gravitas come out in an ensemble of dishes that pair well with the house’s cocktails. Check out Gravitas’ new brunch program to acquire some Instagram-worthy moments. Learn more about Gravitas.


New American Cuisine dazzles at Kinship. Regular visitors of this DC eating establishment have fallen in love with the liver and onions dish that features tempura onion rings and a multifaceted gastrique. Within the liver and onions gastrique lies lamb heart, lamb kidney, and bacon. More conservative Kinship dishes include chicken and fish that are designed for the milder palate. DC’s Kinship provides homerun flavor and a welcoming atmosphere. Learn more about Kinship.

The Dabney

The Dabney offers DC restaurant-goers a warm atmosphere characterized by exposed brick and colonial-inspired decor. These elegant, atmospheric elements make sense given The Dabney’s former DC row home status. Quality wine options flow left and right at The Dabney while Chesapeake Bay cuisine satisfies appetites. The Dabney’s dining room and cellar seating never fail to set the tone for an exceptional dining experience.  Learn more about The Dabney.

Sushi Taro


Attention, sushi lovers! DC’s Sushi Taro is one of the first Japanese restaurants to offer a full meal tasting course known as KAISEKI. High-quality Nigiri-style sushi fills Sushi Taro plates that eventually led to a #36 ranking on Forbes’ top #100 nationwide restaurants in 2012. Need we say more? Learn more about Sushi Taro.

Xiquet by Danny Lledó

Xiquet by Danny Lledó personifies fine dining with exceptional Spanish-style cuisine. A glass-windowed kitchen allows you to get real-time glimpses into Danny Lledó’s kitchen’s brilliance before your food arrives.

This reservation-only restaurant greets guests with complimentary snacks and drinks in a refined peach salon lounge. The dining room contains a minimalist approach, so you have plenty of room to appreciate the food’s charred-wood cooked ingredients. Xiquet diners can enjoy a la carte options along with five- and seven-course menus. Learn more about Xiquet by Danny Lledó.

El Cielo

Exceptional modern Columbian food comes standard at El Cielo. Chef Juan Manuel Barrientos spent two years building El Cielo before its 2020 opening. Choco-therapy is one of El Cielo’s most gratifying elements. Participants in the Choco-therapy experience can dip their hands in liquid chocolate to awaken their senses.

Showmanship continues to run deep throughout El Cielo, with the restaurant’s Columbian coffee that’s surrounded by liquid nitrogen vapor. El Cielo’s experimentation with crab has led to delicious a la carte options, while a four-course takeout kit lets you experience the restaurant’s brilliance from the comfort of your home.  Learn more about El Cielo.


Fiola serves up rustic Italian food and original cocktails in a sophisticated modern space. Washington Post critic Tom Sietsema gave Fiola a rare three-star review before complimenting individual dishes like the lobster ravioli. Sietsema reported being so overwhelmed with flavor that he felt like waving his napkin in surrender. Pay a visit to Fiola to enjoy signature Italian offerings from the a la carte and main dining room menus. Learn more about Fiola.


Cranes offers DC locals Spanish-Japanese style food with season-focused dishes. Close to 20 a la carte tapas options reflect Cranes’ versatility. This restaurant emphasizes the importance of quality rice by letting the rice release starch in stock for a rounded texture that’s packed with flavor. Check out Cranes happy hour while diving into top-tier ingredients hosted within a dramatic atmosphere. Learn more about Cranes.

The Inn at Little Washington

The Inn at Little Washington serves up exceptional food in an idyllic luxury setting.

Sophistication runs through every corner of The Inn at Little Washington’s dining room. Silk lampshades separate each table while European country influences pervade the rest of the dining room’s distinguished interior.

Pay a visit to The Inn at Little Washington to enjoy throwback European cuisine that’s rich in opulent flavor. Learn more about The Inn at Little Washington.

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