Closet Cleanout and Organization Tips

The idea of cleaning out and organizing your closet can seem overwhelming at times, yet it’s important to do. Not only will it make things easier to find and keep your possessions in good condition, but it’s a well-known fact that a closet cleanout can improve your mental health.

If you’re aware you need to clean out your apartment closet but aren’t sure how to do the best job or simply aren’t sure where to begin, here’s everything you need to know about renter-friendly closet organization.

Closet Cleanout Tips

With this simple step-by-step guide, decluttering your closet should be a breeze.

  1. Pull everything out of your closet so you can get a good visual on it.
  2. Clean and dust the inside of your closet (an essential step you shouldn’t forget!).
  3. Separate your possessions into four piles: keep, donate, trash, and unsure.
  4. Organize the ‘keep’ pile back into the closet (with heavier/bulkier items at the bottom).
  5. Take a look at the ‘unsure’ pile comparative to how much space you have left and decide what you can reasonably keep.
  6. Sort the remains of the ‘unsure’ pile into ‘donate’ or ‘trash.’

Use Items to Maximize Space

Closet Organization Tips

Don’t forget that the best way to organize your closet is also to make sure you maximize the space. For example, if you have a suitcase in there, you can also use it as storage while you aren’t traveling. If something can fit inside of something else, capitalize on that!

What to Keep vs. What to Donate/Trash

One of the most difficult parts of cleaning out your closet is undoubtedly deciding what to keep and what to donate or throw away. Some people have a harder time with this than others, as they worry that they might need something down the road.

The first question to ask yourself is if you use it regularly. If you do, then you should keep it.

The second question to ask if it has sentimental value. If it does, that may be another good reason to keep it.

If you don’t use it regularly and it doesn’t have sentimental value, then it may be time to get rid of it. If another person could get value out of it, then donate it; otherwise, you can trash it.

Closet Organization Tips

Remember these essential tips for organizing your closet while you’re storing everything that you decided to keep. These will help you get the most out of the space as well as ensure everything has its place.

Maximize Vertical Space

Make sure you maximize the vertical space as much as you can. This may involve using hangers, building shelves within the closet, or stacking things as much as you can, with larger and heavier items on the bottom.

Use Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are great for separating items, as they keep things contained but you can also see right through them when you’re trying to locate an item.

Use Dividers

If you have lots of clothes hanging, buying dividers can be a great way to keep things separated and make things easy to find, as well as ensuring that nothing gets mixed up. Colorful dividers stand out nicely.

Vacuum Seal Bulky Seasonal Items

If you have bulky items like a winter duvet, try vacuum sealing them with a specialized plastic bag and your regular vacuum. This can save space, and you can then store them in the back of the closet where you don’t need to worry about them until they are needed again. Rotating your organization as the seasons change is also generally a great idea to do routine cleaning and sorting.

Your Luxury Closet with Keener Management

One of the most important things when it comes to being able to organize your closet space is to pick a good starting base. Our luxury Washington, DC apartments feature ample closet space no matter where you stay with us, as well as other amenities that can help you stay organized.

For example, The Hamilton House has valet dry cleaning to help you stay on top of your laundry, and properties such as The Asher have 9-foot ceilings with premium, adjustable closet systems so you can take advantage of high vertical space and customized solutions.

Just remember to check with your landlord before you make any permanent changes to a rental property, regardless of where you’re staying.

Are you ready to find your luxury property and generous closet space in Washington, DC? Let’s find your new home today with Keener Management.

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