How to Host a Great Fall Party in Your Apartment

Along with excitement, fall brings a chill in the air that makes us stay in more, but that doesn’t have to be at the expense of fun. Fall is a great time to host a get together like a Halloween costume party, Friendsgiving, and more.

But where do you start? Keep reading for tips on how to host a great fall party.

Explore These Fall Party Theme Ideas

Your theme is the springboard for all party decisions, and luckily, there’s plenty of fall themes to choose from. Are you hosting your own Oktoberfest, a potluck with fall dishes, or celebrating fall harvest?

Your theme sets the focus for the party and should be fall related in some way. Fall revolves around family, friends, football season, harvest, pumpkins, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Thanksgiving, and Halloween so your fall party theme should reflect these in some way.

Get Creative with Fall-Inspired Foods

Impress guests with a hot cocoa bar or serve these creative fall snacks. Did you know it’s possible to have s’mores without a fire?

Head over to Pinterest for endless fall party food recipes. You want foods that are hearty or incorporate pumpkin spice, apple butter, or cinnamon. Try creating a signature cocktail with apple cider or cinnamon.

Don’t forget the food display is a part of the décor, too! Tasty fall foods and drinks can make or break your party.

Don’t Skip the Basics

Hosting a fall party is a lot like hosting any other party. Things like rearranging your furniture in your D.C. apartment rental for more space and letting your neighbors know you will be having some people over in advance still apply.

In addition, make sure you have speakers for your music or TV. A great music selection creates a nice ambience.

Is there special attire required or something guests need to bring? Your invitations should specify this and be sure your guests RSVP so you’ll have enough party favors to go around.

Prepare for the unexpected: stay armed with carpet cleaner and have a little extra food and supplies.

One of the most important aspects of your party is the décor. Your fall décor should be stylish, creative, and fit in well with the theme.

Incorporate Fall-Themed Games and Activities

What’s a fall party without fall activities and games? Your itinerary makes the difference between a fun, memorable party and a dull, forgettable occasion.

You want group activities that just about everyone can participate in. They should be fun and easy to understand. You can put a fall spin on activities like trivia and scavenger hunts, or plan traditional activities like bobbing for apples and making fall crafts. Include prizes to up the stakes.

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, here’s a good list of activities. Good luck hosting your fall party!

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