Pokemon Go: Hottest D.C. Spots

Pokemon Go is the new virtual reality mobile app game sweeping the nation. From California to New York, Millennials are fulfilling their childhood dreams and becoming Pokemon trainers by playing Pokemon Go, the newest game created by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company.

Pokemon Go uses your phone’s GPS system to place Pokemon on the map wherever you roam. You swipe to throw pokeballs to catch Pokemon and can visit local areas such as museums, supermarkets and even churches, labeled by the game as Pokestops to receive special items. Players even train and fight Pokemon at gyms, which can be anything from a library to a random mural on your favorite storefront in your neighborhood.

The game has definitely picked up speed after being released only over a week ago, including in D.C. You can find Washingtonians and tourists searching almost anywhere to find and catch some of the rarest or difficult-to-find Pokemon. They especially hang around when they find Pokestops with lures that Pokemon are attracted to.

Here are five of the hottest places to “catch ‘em all:”

-The National Mall: According to Pokemon Go users, the National Mall is where you can literally “catch ‘em all.” Last weekend, the Mall hosted a Pokemon Go hunt for Pokemon trainers to find and catch Pokemon all over the park. The Mall even advertised that trainers might be able to find the very rare Charizard. Even though the event is over, Pokemon are still hanging around all over the mall, and maybe you’ll catch that rare Charizard they were boasting about and other rare and hard-to-find Pokemon.

-Dupont Circle: Dupont Circle has some of the best places to eat and hang out in D.C., so it’s no surprise that people have found some rare Pokemon in the area. Look out for Magmar, Nidoran, Squirtle, Staryu and more because they and some other rare gems can be found roaming around Dupont Circle!

-Georgetown: As one of the most historical and interesting places in D.C., you can find some of the most interest and also difficult-to-find Pokemon right by the waterfront such as Magikarp, Krabby and Paras. Makes sense since they’re all water-type Pokemon! You can even find a Growlithe according to the SilphRoad subreddit.

-Tidal Basin: Have a romantic walk with your partner as you scour the area for hard-to-find Pokemon together at the Tidal Basin. Many have spotted several electric-type Pokemon such as Pikachu, Electabuzz, Magnemite and Voltorb.

-Chinatown: Chinatown is one of the busiest places in D.C., and what better way to find rare Pokemon in a busy, bustling area! Users have reported to find Snorlax, Porygon, Onyx, Ponyta and Wheezing all over this lively neighborhood. Look out for tons of lures at the many Pokestops as well!

Grab your portable charger, snacks, a bottle of water and a couple of your friends, and explore these five areas in D.C., and you will be on your way to being “the very best!”

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