Redecorate Your Apartment for a New Year, a New You

Here comes the New Year and, along with it, your optimistic list of resolutions. You’ve decided to trim the fat, up the cardio, and cut the expenses—but what about sprucing up your apartment in DC? When was the last time you cleared out the old and brought in the new?

It may not top your resolution list, but a good redecoration can boost your mood, improve your focus, and impress your friends. With that in mind, here are a few of the top 2018 decorating trends. 

Add a Splash of (Metallic) Color

Style experts have settled on metallic neutrals as the new hot color trend for 2018.

From copper kitchen utensils and brass lampstands to gilded vases and gunmetal pillows, there are a thousand ways to incorporate shiny metallic décor into your luxury apartment in Washington.

If you dream of redecorating on a grander scale, you can always paint your furniture a nice metallic sheen (it is, after all, the next best thing to painting your walls).

Get Yourself Some Clear Furniture

Clear Lucite (also known as Plexiglas) furniture has also impressed trendsetters this year. Sort of contemporary, sort of retro, it’s perfect for 2018.

So what’s the method behind the Lucite madness? It’s light. It’s airy. It’s modern. Devoid of color, it goes with any decor. Transparent, it opens up any room. It also gives you the see-through benefits of glass without the breakability.

Just remember: Don’t overdo it. Lucite is best used sparingly. An end table, coffee table, a work desk, or even a chair with clear legs will look great in light, roomy spaces the likes of which you’ll find in the Gatsby apartments.

Spruce Up Those Bare Walls (and Shelves)

Many experts suggest that, in 2018, maximalism will continue to push out minimalism, and that includes the bare-wall look. Instead, the coming year will be all about well-chosen wall art.

Of course, your choice of décor depends on your tastes, and minimalists haven’t given an inch in the design wars, but more and more people are embracing planned chaos, visual cacophony, and organized clutter.

That means it’s okay to throw up plenty of photographs, prints, sketches, patterns and even meaningful knick-knacks or mementos.

Embrace Softer Lines

Hard-edged, straight-lined furniture has had its day. Now is the time for soft curves and other “sensuous shapes,” say insiders. In other words, you’ll see less reclaimed wood, rustic pieces, and industrial furnishings.

Instead, expect to find a generous offering of lush fabrics, colors, and designs. Sexy curves, softer edges, and saturated or pastel colors are set to appear in more apartments throughout DC and beyond. Arched mirrors and other exquisite touches will only add to the luscious look.

Ditch Floral Prints for Abstract Nature

If you prefer more traditional furniture, upholstery still thrills designers, but the trends have shifted. Instead of realistic floral prints, decorators are opting for a more abstract take on natural beauty.

And it’s not limited to furniture, either. Paintings and even framed wallpaper that feature nonrepresentational designs can also add a nice touch to a city-dweller’s apartment.

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