The D.C. Shorts Film Festival

Tired of watching the same Hollywood production movies in theaters? Are you a movie or film lover who enjoys the craft of filmmaking? The D.C. Shorts Film Festival will help you expand your horizons.

Throughout the summer, movie lovers have been attending outdoor films, but starting Sept. 8, they will be able to watch short films by filmmakers and screenwriters all over the globe.

The programmers selected 131 unique films that reflect the 33 nations they represent to being new world views to one of the known melting pots in the U.S. and the nation’s capital. The films range from comedy, animation, drama, romance, documentaries, horror and suspense and more, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

What separates the D.C. Shorts Film Festival from other festivals is that they focus on the films and the filmmakers rather than what would become a blockbuster. So, if you’re a movie lover searching for independent films separate from what some filmmakers would consider Hollywood fluff, then you will definitely enjoy the D.C. Shorts Film Festival.

The D.C. Shorts Film Festival also allows you to watch over 75 of their selections from anywhere you choose, just as long as you have online access. But don’t miss out because online access is only available during the festival and will be turned off at midnight when the festival ends on Sept. 18.

This 11-day event will also include Q&As, filmmakers workshops and parties all located within a five-block radius of the Penn Quarter neighborhood. There is tons to do so you can enjoy the entire festival while also enjoying the short films produced by artists around the world.

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or just a movie fanatic, you’ll love the D.C. Shorts Film Festival. Times may vary for each screening and workshop. Click here to learn more about this festival and the films they have to offer.

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