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Trips Worthy of a Zipcar Rental

D.C. is a great city to explore. There’s always something to do whether you live near Dupont, Logan Circle, 14th Street, or any of the other hot neighborhoods. But, there is so much more beyond the city.

Let’s be honest: many of us Millennials don’t own a car. We travel by train, bus and even by the innovative and app-friendly cab services such as Uber and Lyft. However, beyond D.C. the most beautiful and fun places are nowhere near the D.C. Metro, and the buses don’t travel that far. Grabbing an Uber or Lyft would be out of the question unless you’re okay with paying over $100 for a cab ride.

Luckily, we have Zipcar! Zipcar is a car rental service where you can rent a car at a Zipcar location, which can be found almost anywhere near you. You can apply on their app or online and be heading on your road trip within minutes. Get out of the city this summer, and rent a Zipcar to travel to these fun and exciting destinations:

1) Busch Gardens: What better way to enjoy summer than go to an amusement park with your friends and family? Busch Gardens is a fun trip to have fun on rollercoasters and rides in the summer sun. It’s a three hour ride to Williamsburg, Va., but the ride will totally be worth the trip!

2) Ocean City, Maryland: Ocean City, Maryland is a great idea for a weekend trip with your friends. Ocean City has tons of things to do from their amusement park, local beaches, bars, restaurants and clubs. Most of the crowd is fairly young, so if you’re a millennial looking for a fun summer trip to enjoy with your friends, this is the place. Just remember to book at one of their many amazing hotels to complete your perfect trip. Plus, it’s only about three hours from D.C.!

3) National Harbor in Baltimore: If you love aquariums, zoos, museums or a beautiful waterfront view with nearby stores, hotels and bars, then the National Harbor is your perfect destination! There is so much to do at this vibrant location, that you might find a hard time choosing what to do with your friends and family first. D.C. is only 35 minutes away, so it would make a great day-trip for anyone looking to just get out of the city.

4) The 7th Annual Clover Hill Village Wine Festival: On August 20, Clover Hill Village is having their seventh annual wine festival. The festival will feature 10 wineries, 25 craft and three food vendors with live music. There will be tons of activities for kids and adults. Remember to bring a designated driver, a valid Id, and cash only! Kids below 12 are $5. Non-drinkers are $10. Advanced Tasting tickets include a free wine glass for tastings and cost $15 online, and they are $20 at the gate. Click here to purchase tickets!

5) Summer Movie Nights at Mount Trashmore: Starting July 22nd, Mount Trashmore will feature family favorites under the stars. Mount Trashmore, located in Virginia Beach, will feature “Minions” on July 22nd, “Home” on Aug. 12 and “The Peanuts Movie” on August 26. Activities start at 7 pm and movies start at sunset. Concession stands will also be available. Just bring your beach chair, pillows, blankets and your friends and family to cozy up for movie night. Click here to learn more!

6) California Locos Venice Beach and Virginia Beach 2016: If you love everything street, surf and skate, then visit Virginia Beach from August 13th to the 20th for this art-filled day. LA street, surf and skate artists will be showcasing their graffiti, contemporary art and talents to Virginia Beach. Best of all, it’s near a resort, so there’s tons of other stuff to do just nearby! Click here to learn more!

7) UniverSoul Circus at National Harbor: The UniverSoul Circus debuted at the National Harbor at the Plateau since June 29, but you’re not too late to go take a trip to have a night filled with wonder, magic and clowns! The circus leave July 31, so grab your friends and family and take a trip to see the UniverSoul Circus. You don’t want to miss out! Prices and times vary. Click here to purchase tickets!

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