Washington DC Summer 2021 Home Games

The long wait is finally over. Live Washington DC sports are back! Experience exciting sports action by checking out our list of DC’s upcoming home games that are bound to thrill. Our summer sports picks will cover Nationals baseball, DC United Soccer, and Washington Football Team games, so you can celebrate post-COVID life with your favorite squads.

Let’s dive into our analysis of the Washington Nationals’ upcoming schedule.

Washington Nationals

Summer is a special time for baseball in Washington DC. Nationals Park overflows with energy during night games while afternoon games provide fans with a well-deserved reprieve.

Are you looking to catch the defending MLB champions in action? The Los Angeles Dodgers bring their impressive record to Washington DC at the start of July. Baseball fans looking to attend a 4th of July game can grab tickets to see the Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Nationals on Independence Day for a can’t-miss National-League showdown.

MLB fans know that California currently has another red-hot baseball team. The San Diego Padres visit Washington DC July 16th-18th, as they attempt to pass the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West.

Fans are curious to see how Washington will match the Padres’ recently accumulated momentum. San Diego recently recorded its first four-game sweep since 2011 against the Cincinnati Reds. The Washington Nationals have a quality chance of winning this series if offensive players like Kyle Schwarber continue to rack up record-setting home run stats.

DC United Soccer

DC United Soccer

Washington DC is happy to welcome back their Black-and-Red faithful for full-capacity home games. Soccer fans know that Audi Field is well known for its lively DC United matches. Four cup titles easily make DC United one of Major League Soccer’s most successful teams.

Die-hard soccer fans can experience one of the best pre-game vibes that DC sports have to offer at Audi Field. The stadium’s fan plaza acts as a gathering place for DC United fans to socialize and enjoy team-related onsite pop-up exhibits.

July 25th features a DC United homefield showdown against rival New York Red Bulls. These two teams’ rivalry runs deep with 13 previous playoff matches and the infamous annual Atlantic Cup. Major League Soccer’s Atlantic Cup is a trophy that goes to the winner of DC United and the New York Red Bulls’ regular-season series. July 25th’s match will be a pivotal game that will help influence who wins this year’s Atlantic Cup.

Washington Football Team

The most interesting narrative going on with the Washington Football team is their roster battle for the number one quarterback spot.

Washington signed NFL veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick to add some much-needed offensive support. While Fitzpatrick had a solid previous season with the Miami Dolphins, he’s at the end of his career, heading into his 17th season. It’ll be interesting to see whether young Old Dominion graduate Taylor Heinicke can edge aging Fitzpatrick out of the starting role. 

The following two home NFL preseason games will help Washington solidify their starting QB position:

  • Cincinnati Bengals vs. Washington Football Team (August 20th)
  • Baltimore Ravens vs. Washington Football Team (August 28th)

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