How to Find Your First Post-Graduation Apartment in DC

If you’re one of those people who says “I don’t want to move back home after college,” then you’ll need to knuckle down and think hard about your options. Armed with a plan, a job, and a list of apartments in DC, you, too, can conquer the big city without help from Mom and Dad.

“How?” you ask. “Where do I start? How do I choose the perfect place for me”? Here are some tips for finding and renting an apartment after college that will help you sort through the confusion.


First things first. You need to decide where you want to settle down. If you don’t already have a location in mind, ask yourself a few questions. Is convenience your main concern, or does the neighborhood vibe mean more to you?

If proximity tops your list of desired traits, then it’s simple. Where do you work? Where do you play? Where do your friends live? Use Google Maps to pinpoint your daily stops, and draw a circle around the area you frequent. Now look for apartments within that radius.

If you don’t care about the commute as much as you care about the milieu, then there are other questions you should be asking. Do you prefer to live in a bustling neighborhood that’s home to a buzzing social life or in a tree-lined community that offers peace and tranquility? Now that you have a sense of your needs and wants, it’s time to search for an apartment within your desired radius.

living on your own after college

Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to find a pad in nearly any DC neighborhood. There are plenty of incredible apartments in Dupont Circle, for example—The Regent apartments, The Drake apartments, 2000 Connecticut apartments, etc. Or perhaps you’re looking for apartments in Logan Circle, apartments in Columbia Heights, apartments in Woodley Park, or apartments in Rosslyn. Wherever you choose to hang your hat, be sure it’s a place that suits your lifestyle and your schedule.


What kind of amenities are you looking for? Do you need a fitness center inside the building so you can exercise before or after work without wasting time getting to a gym? Do you need a storage locker for your bike? On-site parking?

Depending on which apartments you choose, you can also get additional perks like energy-efficient heating and gas fireplaces—conveniences you’ll find in many of Keener Management’s properties throughout DC. Some buildings, like The Drake in Dupont Circle, even come with a rooftop deck and grill stations—perfect for outdoor parties with friends.

While amenities may not be as important as location, they can, nonetheless, seal the deal if you’re wavering between a number of appealing choices.


Many college grads miss this step. The apartment should not only be attractive; it should be available as well. With space at a premium, and millennials flocking to vibrant urban centers like DC, that can prove challenging.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to check. One way is to check the availability listings online. The other way is to contact a building manager or concierge and ask them to provide you with a list of options.

The bottom line? Living on your own after college may not be easy, but it’s possible if you have a decent strategy, a little help from your friends, and an abundant choice of apartments.

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