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Crowd Celebrating In Adams Morgan

Celebrate the Diversity in Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is one of the most culturally diverse and liveliest neighborhood in D.C. It is one of the centers of D.C.‘s melting pot as well its liveliest nightlife. Adams Morgan has international residents and Washingtonians who enjoy the international food in the neighborhood restaurants from all over the globe such as Ethiopia to Latin America and the Caribbean. It also has colorful architecture to match its vibrant atmosphere and has such ethnic diversity that no one can help but explore. This neighborhood is such an amazingly vibrant place that it deserves to have a day dedicated to its magnetic ...
Man Sitting In Theater In D.C. Film Festival

The D.C. Shorts Film Festival

Tired of watching the same Hollywood production movies in theaters? Are you a movie or film lover who enjoys the craft of filmmaking? The D.C. Shorts Film Festival will help you expand your horizons. Throughout the summer, movie lovers have been attending outdoor films, but starting Sept. 8, they will be able to watch short films by filmmakers and screenwriters all over the globe. The programmers selected 131 unique films that reflect the 33 nations they represent to being new world views to one of the known melting pots in the U.S. and the nation’s capital. The films range from ...
D.C. Blue Festival Male Musician With Saxophone

Don’t Miss the D.C. Blues Festival

Trying to find something different to do for Labor Day weekend instead of the usual going out for cocktails, attending a cookout or going to the beach? Well, look no further. If you’re a fan of the blues and love musicians who are inspired by artists such as Ray Charles, Howlin’ Wolf, and even Shemekia Copeland, then you’ll love the D.C. Blues Festival. Even if you have never really listened to the blues or don’t consider yourself a fan, you can still enjoy the amazing performances and workshops. On Sept. 3 from noon to 7 p.m., the Carter Barron Amphitheater ...
Labor Day Artistic Celebration

How to Celebrate Labor Day in D.C.

Get ready for Labor Day, Washingtonians! Labor Day is Sept. 5, and we know you will want to make plans to celebrate over the weekend and into the holiday. Some may celebrate by taking a three-day trip out of the city. Some may have a big family cookout. Some may celebrate the end of summer by visiting a water-themed amusement park. Some may even sleep in all weekend. Whatever you are interested it, there are a great deal of things to do in D.C. for Labor Day. While D.C. isn’t well known for celebrating Labor Day with a giant parade, there are ...
Vintage Furniture Shop In D.C. Featuring Green Chair

Shop for Vintage Furniture in D.C.

Buying furniture for a new apartment can be difficult, especially when you are going for a vintage theme to decorate your home. Sure, Ikea, Target, or Crate & Barrel are great choices to decorate your home with a more modern look, but vintage furniture stores are your best bet to achieve a home with personality. D.C. has several unique neighborhoods with their own personalities and histories, and what better way to match the personalities of these extraordinarily distinctive neighborhoods by buying vintage furniture from some of D.C.’s best vintage furniture shops? Here are some of the best vintage furniture stores ...
Organized Bathroom Accessories

How to Keep Any Bathroom Organized

We talked about the advantages of having a small kitchen to help you stay organized and reduce clutter, but what about your bathroom? Bathrooms tend to be one of the most cluttered spaces in the home, with messy counters, overcrowded and disorganized cabinets and even soaps, shampoos and loofahs hanging around the bathtub. But, even if you have a small bathroom, you can still stay organized and reduce clutter. No more having your blowdryer tossed around or those big box of Q-tips taking up space in your cabinet. By creating or buying shelves, small organizing drawers and containers, you can ...
Meet Rasikas Newest Sibling Bindaas

Meet Rasika’s Newest Sibling: Bindaas

If you enjoyed the Penn Quarter Indian restaurant with modern cuisine, Rasika, you’ll love its new sibling! Rasika is known as a restaurant with a white-table cloth setting and putting a twist on centuries-old traditional dishes and creating innovative interpretations for Washingtonians who love to take their taste buds across the world. While the owner and chef will remain the same, Bindaas is entirely different. Rasika’s newest sibling opened last Wednesday in Cleveland Park (not far from the Woodley Park neighborhood), offering Indian street-eats. Ashok Bajaj, the owner of Rasika and the newest restaurant, Bindaas, stated that it is the ...

Design Trends for Small Spaces

By thinking of innovative ways to increase storage space to reduce clutter, and using furniture and color schemes to make your space appear larger, you can have the best of urban living in a smaller space. Here are a few decoration and design ideas to make your small space appear larger and to create more space in general: Color: Add bright, vibrant colors to your bathroom and bedroom to make the impression that you have more floor and wall space. For living rooms and kitchens, add light colors such as crème or white with a vast amount of light coming ...
A Small Kitchen In An Apartment

The Small Kitchen Advantage

You’re looking for a new apartment, only a few things are likely on your mind: location, price and amenities. One such apartment feature to consider is kitchen size. All of the questions begin to roll through your mind as you look around the kitchen in your potentially new apartment: Do you really need that much space? How much counter space is too much? In answering these questions, you will begin to realize that you might be okay with a smaller kitchen. No one likes an overcrowded kitchen, and that’s what happens when you want to fill the space of a ...

Dupont Circle’s Top 4 Night Scenes

Nothing tops the summer night scene in D.C. From the lively area the U Street Corridor to Adams Morgan, D.C. is energetic all night long in the summer. After a long week of working hard, you’re ready to play and party all weekend. Dupont Circle is mix of all types of party-goers from the relaxed and classy to the heavy weight bar champs and R&B groovers. If you love to party, Dupont Circle is party central! Let the summer night breeze whisk you away into some of Dupont Circle’s best clubs, lounges and bars: 1) Kabin: Kabin Lounge’s interior is ...